Unspecified Location, Deep in Amarr Space

Maltak reverently lifted the few pieces of ancient parchment from where they lay and placed them within the translucent cargo canister. As the lid closed, the case immediately began to fill with the viscous preservation fluid. Once full, the electric charge passed through the box, and the fluid solidified.

Sighing with relief, Lector Maltak took the case from the young acolyte and boarded the elevator. Temple Guards flanked either side of him. “Go now Mobias, my son. You have done all you can here.”. The doors slid shut, as the Lector traversed to the Temple Docks.

The large Bestower-class transport had been especially fitted for the mission, with extra afterburners and hull plating. The High Priest of the Alliance had complained about the cost and the effect on the supply of Minmatar slaves, but eventually saw the right of it. Stepping aboard, Maltak placed the case into a cargo pod, and stowed it into a holding cell. Soon, the young priest thought, soon we shall meet them.

Outpost, Aridia Region
It took around a week through Jumpgates and sublight travel to make their way to the bookmarked coordinates. Finally, though, the planet came into view. The green-blue globe was swathed with cloud formations, swirling gracefully. A blip from his NeoCom computer brought Maltak out of his reverie however. The ship rounded the horizon of the planet, stark metallic lines, against natural lines of a planetoid.

Ship-to-ship local communications blinked online. “Unidentified vessel, this is the HMS Discovery, please identify yourself.”
“HMS Discovery, this is the Amarr-Briton Alliance ship Fair Trade, here as we discussed. We have the documents.”
“Excellent, Fair Trade, we’ll escort you round to Outpost – you came in on the wrong side!”

Clicking the local channel off, and sighing deep with relief, Maltak relayed the instructions to the pod-bound captain. So far, so good.

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