Royal Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

Handling blue eye shadow is a kind of tough job, you can blend this color well unless you have necessary experience in blending the shade. However, with practice you can definitely learn how to blend the shade without going out of boundary. What’s the boundary? The crease line is called the boundary line, within which all the blending should be done for a better effect. If somehow, you get out of this line, your makeup would come out to be messy, clumsy and un-blended.

Today I am sharing a nice royal blue eye makeup tutorial, I hope you will like it.

Things needed for this makeup:

  • White shimmer shade, I usually take loose shimmer for making diagonal lines
  • A palette with all major blue hints such as sky blue, royal blue and Prussian blue, you need additional color from this family in the lighter tone.
  • The concealer that can be blended well on the skin tone.  You have got to apply one that does not make skin of eyes dry and rough, it is really difficult to cleanse the dryness as it pops up later when you are finished.

Tutorial on how to do royal blue and sky blue makeup

  1. The eye concealer must be applied evenly on the eyes, apply it in dotted forms and spread it using your finger all the way down to the lower eye lid.
  2. Pat the concealer with a soft blending brush if you have any. The concealer works as a base, it will take some time to set in the skin.
  3. Now use a blue eye liner and make a flick, starting from the outer eye corner. Make a second flick, in thin line just below it, the distance between both flicks should look like a v-shape space.
  4. Apply some liner on the lower lid using the same liner you use for making flicks.
  5. The flick should be small in length if you feel like your hands are shaking, which is normal in eye makeup.
  6. Use some blue shade and apply it over the line you applied, blend both very well, making a leaf like crease. The shade must be blended from left to right, start it from the eye corner and take it in the middle, no beyond this point.
  7. Fill in the crease by applying a very little amount of sky blue and Prussian blue shade.
  8. The inner corner would take a much lighter shade of blue which has an impression of white, the lighter the better. You can make one by adding ¼ of blue in a good amount of white to get your.
  9. The v-shape between flicks should be filled by the same shade you prepared. You are done.
  10. Apply some royal blue on the lower lid right below the eyeliner line you drew.

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