Penelope Cruz Hairstyles that Show Classiness

Penelope Cruz hairstyles are always mind-blowing, not because they are different or unique, because they suit her face shape very well. The lady is a Spanish actress, started her career as an actress at age 15, she was signed by an agent. She worked for television in the beginning but later showed her talent in movies and theater. Penelope is 40 years old now but looks somewhat below 25 because her features are beautiful specially her eyes that have no wrinkles or dark circles to be found whatsoever.

Dying the hair is not an option for Penelope so she keeps her hair simple, sassy and natural brown most of the times. She seldom dyes her hair in light brown or natural hair shade. I love many Penelope Cruz haircuts so are parted updo, side ponytail and  long feathers.

Since she is blessed with a nice face shape so whatever she wears suits her well. If you have watched her any of the movie you may have noticed that she is a wonderful actress, good at dialogues and facial expressions. Let’s check some of the Penelope Cruz  styles, see how this multi-talented lady has impressed her fans over the years.

The Bumpy Hairdo

The great hairdo for the evening parties because it has a bumpy, back combed style on the back with some curls which are done after parting the hair in center from the front.

Crazy Brown Streaks

Her hair seems to be rough in texture yet very fresh, perhaps she does not rely on protein therapies a lot and is trying to keep her hair as natural as she can. The streaks are nice and natural on her side parted layered bangs and I simply love this soft smile on the face, it is making a big difference on how she appears to us.

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