Laser remove melasma(must read)

Principle: laser capable of producing an instant energy with high-intensity visible light, different wavelengths of laser will be a different color skin or pigment to absorb, such as freckles easily absorb green light. Various wavelengths of laser energy function is also different, currently used to treat skin problems of many kinds of laser have 7,8. Often heard as Ruby laser is the use of laser theory, in order to ruby for the media, mainly black and brown pigment, stain, light and pigment combination to be broken down, when the pigment gradually absorbed by the body color spot color will follow fade.

Efficacy: laser therapy targeted, freckle obvious, immediate side effects is very small, but easy to leave behind traces of a few days after the need to pay attention to the maintenance and sunscreen.

Scope of application: apply to face the more obvious spots, smaller patients, especially for natural plaque have radical effects.

Acne cause — Endocrine imbalance

Physiological causes and long-term because of the pressure in the environment, there will be a lot of career women the symptoms of endocrine imbalance, which is induced by acne culprit.

Excessive physical weakness, the nerve – the endocrine system will be unbalanced, leading to endocrine disorders, when the absolute value of androgen did not increase, but the body compared to other sex hormones, have relatively increased. In addition, some women in the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovary or adrenal gland appeared cysts, hyperplasia, tumor, such as organic changes, these changes make adrenal gland, ovarian hyperstimulation hormone secretion, resulting in endocrine disorders. “Some women in the menstrual cycle before and after the face acne would be particularly active, but also because the body caused by changes in hormone levels.” You can also learn about “what are the best facial fillers“, click here

The spirit of excessive nervous:

Living in the great pressure will cause excessive emotional tension, making the imbalance between the physiological functions, let acne have an opportunity.

Poor living and eating habits:

Bad eating habits and irregular living habits are “adult pox” accomplices, such as fried favorite categories, spicy food and over-sweet food, has smoking, drinking habits, sleep time is too short will result acne.

About 50% of female patients after adolescence, still and acne unremitting struggle. Beauty experts believe that working women might be “adult pox” high risk group.

Laser remove melasma TIPS

Laser freckle freckle effect is one of the ways more satisfactory, you can remove the darker pigment spots, stains can absorb this type of laser and decomposition. When the pigment gradually absorbed by the body, the color also fade. Laser spot is relatively thorough, side effects, and necessary to bear in mind the following.

  1. The first 3-4 postoperative days, pay attention to “repair” work. Irritant-free face wash agent, maintaining the affected area clean, crisp, and rubbed some reparative cream, eat anti-inflammatory oral medication, antibiotics.


  1. A week later, the wound will begin to scab fell off, when the sun is absolutely essential steps to wipe out the SPF20-30 sunscreen, sunscreen at least 3-6 months.


  1. Laser Beauty is definitely not the general life of beauty, technology and equipment requirements are very high, so it must have the credibility to go to the specialist hospital, rather than to the beautician beauty salon.



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