How to Make a Casual Ponytail Bow style

You have good and thick hair; everyone just talks about you when you step out. You have tried many braids on your hair and you are quite satisfied with whatever you pull off.  After wearing layers and fringes now you are seriously planning wearing long hair for quite some weeks because you feel more comfortable with it. If so, you might want to try a new casual ponytail bow which is suitable for anyone wanting to play with a regular ponytail style.  Trust me you will love it.

Tutorial on how to make casual ponytail bow hairstyle

  1. Always condition your hair when you wash your hair with intend to make hairstyle. Begin by brushing your hair. Once the brush takes off tangles, you need to use hair straighter to smooth out the hair ends.
  2. Usually women don’t go for heating machine, of course it’s bad idea to do it daily but if you are making a nice braid or hairstyle your hair should be smooth for you must do something to make them look smoother and silkier. Nevertheless a machine always comes handy.
  3. Now apply the fiber and brush again.
  4. Now tie your hair in a nice ponytail and pull some hair out of it. You will notice that there happens to be a small space, work your fingers in the middle of the space.
  5. Now divide the hair in two parts and make a nice bow.
  6. Secure each bow with bobby pins and make sure they are not visible.
  7. You can roll up the middle hair upwards, in the middle of the bow.
  8. If you feel that bow is loose, you should not make a bow, instead make your ponytail once again and stretch it well this time.
  9. You can decorate the middle of the bow with a nice hair accent. The rest of the hair should be set free.
  10. If you don’t want to wrap the middle hair section in the middle of the bow, you can leave it as it as long as you are comfortable with it.
  11. Never forget to spray the hair if you want the style for last for few hours, if you are going to school you may apply a hair wax to maintain the position of the bow.

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