Different Eyeliner Styles

Learn to apply different eyeliner styles and bring more beauty to regular makeup.If you are too much into makeup and art stuff you will learn a basic rule which is called mock-up before actual demonstration.  Doing realistic experiments would help you learn more about makeup, you will also notice that you have been learning some unusual stuff which is was beyond your learning capacity. I have been asked many times as what kind of eye liner styles are good enough for party makeup and I have always given just one answer, not one in particular; if you are good in making double or triple flicks you are not an expert unless you know how to give a twist to the basic shape of liner you have tried so far.

Using multiple products can really help in this regards. For instance, use of black kohl, gel eye liner and light black liner with a separate brush can enhance the shape of the line but when you just sweep the same brush over it many times you end up with a thicker line that will make your eyes a bit weird. It’s necessary that you try to make your line in one go and make changes later. If you intend to put on a white highlight between two corner flicks you need to leave a small space so as to eliminate the removal process.

If you have a hard time making any line yourself on your eyes at first, the best thing to do is take an inch pen and apply it onto a paper. Just imagine you are working on an eye and you have got to make a nice shape of eye.  You will learn a lot better because it’s easy to remove pen marks as compared to liner marks. Or you can use a lead pencil to perform this particular part.

Check these different eyeliner styles that have awesomeness. Mind that the finish is sleek when you apply your lines correctly and neatly.

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