Black Smokey Eyes makeup Tutorial

Highlighting the crease on the eyes is the very first thing you need to do when you begin with your eye makeup.  Creating perfect smokey eyes is a kind of daunting task if you don’t know how to blend the dark shades together to get the desired effect. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some good make up rules before applying the eye shadows. Some rules that should be followed before using the eye shadow or highlighting the eye creases are as follow, you need to do all these steps before doing the steps mentioned in black smokey eyes makeup tutorial.

  1. Preparing your eyes for the makeup, If you wear contact lenses you need to wear them in the first step, it is common for us to have watery eyes after wearing the lenses, so let this happens first and use fresh water to clean the eyes.
  2. Applying the concealer on the eye lids as well as on the lower lids is an important step that must not be missed. The concealer should be of bright shade, ideally matching your eye skin color. If your eyes have circles and dark area you need to apply some foundation first and then apply the concealer.
  3. Now start with highlighting, it’s like drawing an outline for the crease. You make a rough sketch of anything before you fill in different parts with the colors, the same is true when it comes to eyes makeup.
  4. Fill the eye shadows and blend it.
  5. In the end you need to review your eyes makeup to see if there are some fallout shades near the lids, remove it, brush it up.

I hope you have enjoyed this amazing black smokey eyes makeup tutorial, I will post more guides soon.

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